Mr. Tawfeek Ahmad
                          Junior Artist

Hi I am Tawfeek Ahmad. I love art, and I love making art. It’s my passion and what I do for a living. I have lots of interests—I play the violin, draw, paint and write poems—but all those things are hobbies. They’re not the reason why I make art! I make art because when I look at something beautiful and see an idea in my head that makes me want to capture it on paper now digital, it becomes natural for me and something that can be shared with others. “Every Child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.” This is a reminder that to access creativity, we have to let our inner child come out. We have to play and be curious.

              Mr. Ilyas Hussain
            CEO  Seven SEA NFT

 Every single person has the ability to produce creative work because every single person sees the world from a completely different perspective. Every person’s reflection in the mirror is different, and the same is true of all of our creative endeavors. ILYAS HUSSAIN a self-taught native digital artist who pioneered the internet long before it became his full-time career. He honed his artistic skills on his PC while working to support himself, making time for his work whenever he could. Along with his closest buddy, Tawfeek Ahmad, he founded the 7SEA.

                     Ms. Raaziya Zainab
                          Senior Artist

Raaziya an artist and a Nurse. Before entering into the world of digital art, I worked as a Nurse and saved lives of thousands during the global pandemic. Working with female patients I captured some moments, such as a mother loving her baby, husband caring for her wife, these wordless portraits of ordinary people speak to me through the curves of a smile and the creases of eyes wise beyond their years. This is where I entered the world of Digital art. NFT has made it possible to share your art with the rest of world.
“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”